Fundraising Ideas
“Special Purchases”

We have many options for additional fundraising opportunities and programs.

We will have special offers on a regular basis that can be used as great fundraising opportunities

Too many times you will have local companies present ideas that seem like a good deal.  Since we offer the same deal to 1000’s of schools, your pricing and potential profit will be increased.


Examples of fundraising ideas and offers:

Seat cushions with logo and or sponsers – buy for $2 sell for $5

Reusable grocery bags with logo and or sponsers buy for $1.50 sell for $3

Great deals on clothes with logo to be sold to teachers, Parents, friends, boosters or students.

For example buy a hooded sweatshirt for $10 sell for $20


Our goal is help your school have the necessary tools to teach your children to be the leaders of tomorrow.

If you have any questions – Email: or Call: 888-772-6674 ext 103.

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